Bending tests for cemented carbide products

Bending test is a common test to determine the mechanical properties of materials under bending load. It is applicable to many different materials, including metal, plastic, wood, laminate, particleboard, water wall, ceramic tile and glass. Zhuzhou Jinxin cemented carbide products is this way of detection.

Zhuzhou Jinxin testing center using WAN testing machine, is specially purchased from abroad, the maximum test force is 1000kN, accuracy registration 0.5 level, test force, deformation shows the relative error within ±5%. The test is efficient and accurate.

This test mainly includes two loading methods: three-point bending and four-point bending, which can measure the bending strength of cemented carbide, test and compare the quality and performance of the surface heat-treated layer, and test the performance of the material under bending load.

ASTM D7624 is used to determine the bending stiffness and strength properties of polymer matrix composites; GB/T232-2010 "Metal materials bending test method".

Zhuzhou Jinxin is a customized integrated service provider of cemented carbide production and processing, with testing center and complete testing equipment. We cooperate with cemented carbide related colleges and universities, and have special production and processing technology and cemented carbide formula.