How much you know about milling insert?

Milling inserts are commonly used cutting tools in milling, which are used to remove metal material on the surface of the workpiece to achieve the desired shape and size. Here are some basics about milling inserts:

1.Types of milling inserts: Milling inserts can be divided into high-speed steel inserts, carbide inserts, ceramic inserts and other types according to the material and shape of the cutting workpiece, cutting methods and other factors.

2.The structure of milling inserts: Milling inserts usually consist of two parts: the blade head and the handle. The blade head is generally made of cemented carbide, high-speed steel, ceramics and other materials, and the knife handle is usually made of steel. The blade head and the knife handle are connected by a clamping device.

3.The shape of the milling insert: The shape of the milling insert includes factors such as the geometry of the insert head, the number of edges of the insert, and the cutting angle of the insert. The geometric shape of the blade head usually includes various forms such as flat head, ball head, arc head, and chamfered head.

In general, milling inserts are one of the indispensable cutting tools in milling. There are many kinds of them, and their service life is related to cutting conditions. In practical applications, it is necessary to select the appropriate milling inserts and at the same time pay attention to the care and maintenance of the tools to ensure their performance and life.