Do you know what a turning insert is?

Turning insert is a cutting tool used for turning on lathe. Turning is a kind of rotary cutting technology. By rotating the workpiece and moving the tool along the axial direction of the workpiece, the outer surface of the workpiece is removed by rotation, so as to obtain the required shape and size.

Turning inserts are usually made of cemented carbide, high-speed steel or ceramics, which have the characteristics of firmness and durability to meet the challenges of high-speed cutting. The shape and structure of the blade vary with the application, including single-edge or multi-edge cutting edge, with different cutting edge shapes, such as circular arc, prismatic, etc., which are used to realize turning with different shapes and accuracy.

The turning insert is installed on the tool rest of the lathe, and the cutting depth and cutting speed can be controlled by adjusting the position and angle of the tool. According to the shape and machining requirements of the workpiece, selecting appropriate turning insert and tool parameters can realize high efficiency and high precision machining.

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