Application scene of turning insert

Turning insert is the main cutting tool in turning, which is used to process rotationally symmetrical workpieces on lathe. Its application scenarios mainly include the following aspects:

Machining cylinders: Turning inserts are widely used to machine cylindrical workpieces, such as shafts, threaded rods and steel bearing seats. The required diameter, length and surface accuracy can be obtained by cutting the workpiece surface with a turning insert.

Face turning: The turning insert used for machining plane is called face turning insert. It can turn the end face of the workpiece, such as flat bottom surface, disk surface and so on. Face turning is widely used in plane machining and contour machining of workpieces.

Long hole machining: turning inserts can also be used to machine long holes, such as drilling pipes and gun barrels. This requires specially designed turning inserts to finish precise hole machining.

Machining of complex shapes: Turning inserts can also be used to machine some workpieces with complex shapes, such as conical surfaces, spherical surfaces and curved surfaces. This requires a reasonable choice of tool shape and turning path to achieve accurate machining.

Rough machining and finishing: according to the different types of turning inserts and the choice of tool parameters, it can be used for rough machining and finishing. In rough machining, turning inserts can quickly remove a large amount of materials, while in finishing, high-precision machining requirements can be achieved.

Machining of various metal materials: turning inserts are suitable for machining various metal materials, including steel, cast iron, aluminum alloy, brass, etc. Different types of turning inserts can be selected according to the workpiece material to obtain the best cutting effect.

Generally speaking, turning inserts play an important role in machining. They are widely used and flexible, and can be used to process all kinds of rotationally symmetrical workpieces, from simple cylinders to complex shapes.

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