What is a tungsten copper alloy rod?

What is a tungsten copper alloy rod? You must be familiar with tungsten alloy rods. Tungsten alloy rods are alloy products prepared by powder metallurgy with tungsten as the matrix and a binder phase. Therefore, tungsten-copper alloys are also metal matrix composite materials composed of tungsten and copper. Copper is an immiscible metal, so tungsten copper alloys combine the advantages of tungsten and copper.


What is a tungsten copper alloy rod?


The physical and chemical properties of tungsten and copper are quite different, so they cannot be produced by melting and casting, so tungsten-copper alloy rods are generally produced by powder alloy technology. The main process flow of tungsten copper alloy rod is: first powder, after mixing the ingredients, extrusion molding, and then put it into the sintering furnace for sintering and infiltration, then process and finish, and finally put it in the warehouse for inspection and packaging. Here, tungsten-copper alloy rods are prepared through advanced technology and equipment by using the excellent metal properties of high-purity tungsten powder and the plasticity and high conductivity of high-purity copper powder. Good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, good arc breaking performance, good high temperature resistance, high temperature non-softening, high strength, high hardness and other characteristics.

Tungsten-copper alloy rods that combine the advantages of both are mainly used in military, national defense, aerospace, aviation, navigation, electronic devices, medical equipment and other fields.

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