How to choose the right turning insert?

Choosing the right turning insert is one of the key factors to ensure the smooth turning. The following are some suggestions for selecting the correct turning insert:

Material type: The choice of turning insert should consider the workpiece material to be processed. Different types of materials require different kinds of blades. Common workpiece materials include steel, cast iron and stainless steel. The cutting characteristics of each material are different, so different kinds of blades are needed to adapt.

Cutting speed and feed rate: Cutting speed and feed rate are two other important factors that affect the selection of blades. The material and geometric characteristics of the insert will affect its most suitable cutting speed range. The feed rate will also affect the life and machining efficiency of the blade. Make sure that the selected blade is suitable for the expected cutting speed and feed rate.

Blade material: The common materials of turning blades are cemented carbide, ceramics, cubic boron nitride (CBN) and so on. Different materials have different characteristics. For example, cemented carbide is suitable for general turning of most materials, while CBN is suitable for high-speed cutting of hard materials. The hardness and other characteristics of the cutting material should be considered when selecting the blade material.

Blade geometry: the geometric parameters of the blade will affect the cutting force, surface quality and blade life in the cutting process. Different geometric parameters are suitable for different types of turning operations.

Cooling and lubrication: For some materials, especially refractory materials such as superalloys, cooling and lubrication are very important. Choosing proper cooling and lubrication method can prolong the life of the blade and improve the machining effect.

Cutting depth and machining mode: The cutting depth and machining mode should also be considered in the selection of blades. Different cutting depths may require different types of blades.

Manufacturers and brands: Choosing blades produced by well-known manufacturers can get higher quality products. They usually provide detailed technical support and cutting advice to help you choose the right blade.

When selecting turning inserts, the best way is to comprehensively consider your specific processing requirements, workpiece materials and machine tool conditions.

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