Importance of coating on turning inserts

The application of turning insert coating on cutting tools has many important functions. Blade coating is one of the key innovations in turning blade technology, which can significantly improve the performance and life of cutting tools, reduce machining costs, improve machining efficiency and expand the application fields of cutting tools.

First of all, improving hardness and wear resistance. Blade coatings are usually made of hard materials, such as titanium nitride, aluminum nitride or titanium carbide. These materials form a hard protective layer on the surface of the cutting edge, which improves the hardness and wear resistance of the blade and makes it better resistant to the wear and friction of the workpiece material.

Second, reducing friction. Coating can reduce the friction between the tool and the workpiece, thus reducing the heat generation of the blade. This is very important for reducing tool wear, reducing cutting temperature and improving cutting speed.

Third, improving heat resistance. The coating can improve the heat resistance of the blade and keep its stability under high temperature processing conditions. This is critical for high-speed cutting and other high-temperature machining applications.

Fourth, improving the quality of cutting surface. Some special coatings, such as diamond coating, can achieve smoother cutting surface and reduce the bad surface quality during cutting, thus reducing the need for subsequent processing procedures.

Fifth, extending the tool life. By reducing wear, friction and heat generation, coating can significantly extend the life of tools and reduce the frequency of tool replacement.

Sixth, improving the processing efficiency. The coating can allow higher cutting speed and feed speed, thus improving the machining efficiency. This is very important for mass production.

Seventh, it is suitable for different materials. Different types of coatings can be applied to different kinds of workpiece materials. Including hard-to-machine high-hardness alloys, stainless steel, cast iron, etc.

Finally, improving the machining accuracy. Coating can improve the cutting accuracy of the blade, reduce the vibration and instability in the cutting process, and help to obtain higher machining accuracy.

Different types of coatings are suitable for different application requirements, and it is very important to choose the appropriate coating for obtaining the best processing results. If you have any requirements in it, please contact us.