Forming of tungsten carbide cutting inserts

Metal cutting is inseparable from inserts. The production process of cemented carbide inserts includes pressing, sintering, fine grinding, coating and other processes. Come and see with me!

The blade press molding process is to install the upper and lower punches and dies of the mold on the press. During the pressing process, the tungsten carbide alloy powder is pushed into the die die, and the powder is pressed into the shape of the blade under the heavy pressure of the press. In this process, the corresponding molds need to be replaced to produce different carbide inserts, and the punches need to be replaced after the punches are worn.

In the pressing and forming process of cemented carbide blades, experienced operators are required to replace the mold or punch on the press, because the requirements for precision control are high, and collisions may occur if the precision of assembly and adjustment is not high , Pay attention to adjust the installation position of the mold during the assembly and adjustment process, the press is in a state of being unable to produce.

For the processing of punches in the mold workshop, or the removal of the punches from the press and sending them to the mold workshop for trimming, it is also necessary to perform clamping and calibration on the machine tool.

Cemented carbide blades have high requirements for machinery equipment and operators. Zhuzhou Jinxin has advanced imported equipment and experienced operators. Newcomers adopt the old and new ones, and can only work after passing the examination. Therefore, the quality of the cemented carbide blades produced is guaranteed.