Precautions for the use of carbide turning inserts

Precautions for the use of carbide turning inserts:

Solid carbide turning inserts are widely used and have many advantages, but because cemented carbide is less tough than high-speed steel, it is easy to chip when the cutting process is improperly selected or the precision of the machine tool is poor. So how to make full use of its strengths and avoid weaknesses is very important.

The thinner the solid carbide turning insert is, the more sensitive it is to vibration and tensile stress during use. If there is a large radial runout or axial runout, it is easy to cause damage. Therefore, the milling machine should be run in the best state, that is, the machine tool has high precision. The rigidity of the cutter bar is good, the transmission is stable, the feed rate of each tooth is constant, and the cooling is sufficient.

Precautions for use:

1. The precision of the cemented carbide turning insert installed on the tool holder should generally pay attention to the radial runout and axial runout.

2. In order to eliminate vibration and avoid lateral pressure, without affecting the cutting depth of the carbide turning insert, use as large a flange as possible to clamp both sides of the insert on the tool holder.

3. A reasonable turning speed and feed rate per tooth should be selected. Generally, under the same conditions, solid carbide turning inserts can choose a faster cutting speed than high-speed steel milling cutters, but the feed rate per tooth should be lower than the feed amount of high-speed steel, the specific value should be determined by the user according to the speed of the milling machine, the properties of the material to be milled, the outer diameter, thickness, number of teeth, and depth of turning of the milling cutter.

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