What are the advantages of carbide rotary file?

Compared with the traditional rotary files, JX carbide rotary files have many incomparable advantages, such as longer service life and more widely used. The following is to introduce the main uses and advantages of our JX cemented carbide rotary file.

The main use of carbide rotary file is extremely common, especially in aviation companies, ships, vehicles, machinery and equipment, chemical plants and other industrial sectors. And it can be used in the production and processing of pig iron, cast steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel plate, quenched mild steel, copper and aluminum. Because the rotary file is clamped on a special tool for high speed operation to carry out manual operation, the working pressure and cutting rate suffered by the rotary file depend on the service life of the NC blade and the actual drilling effect.


1. Most of them can replace the small sand wheel with handle, and produce dust and environmental pollution.

3. The high efficiency of production and processing is ten times higher than that of hand-made rotary file, and nearly five times higher than that of small sand wheel with handle.

3. Cost-effective production and processing, high smoothness. Can produce and process a variety of high precision mold shell concave mold.

4. Long service life. The wear resistance is five times higher than that of the spring steel NC blade, and over two thousand times higher than that of the small sand wheel blade.

5. Easy to use and reliable.

6. Application of high economic benefits, comprehensive production costs can be reduced by dozens of times.