CNC inserts are cutting tools specially designed for numerical control machine tools (CNC machine tools). They have high precision, stability and automation capabilities and are suitable for various CNC machining operations. The following are some common CNC insert series provided by Zhuzhou Jinxin Carbide:

1. Turning inserts: Suitable for roughing and finishing, including internal and external cylindrical turning inserts, groove turning inserts and multi-purpose turning inserts to adapt to workpieces of different shapes and sizes.

2. Milling inserts: used in CNC milling machines, including plane milling blades, end milling blades, ball head milling blades, etc., for various surface contours and machining operations.

3. Grooving inserts: used for cutting notches, grooves and sheet processing, including side milling blades, T-shaped blades and slotting blades.

4. Threaded inserts: used on CNC lathes and thread lathes, including internal thread and external thread inserts, for processing various thread models and specifications.

5. CBN/PCD inserts: used for processing high hardness, high temperature or difficult-to-machine materials.

6. Special insertsoffer a customized solution for unique manufacturing challenges, providing increased functionality and efficiency in a wide range of applications.