PCD/CBN tools

PCD tools are also called artificial polycrystalline diamond, so they can be called diamond PCD tools. They are generally used for non-ferrous metal processing, such as finishing of copper, aluminum alloy, steel, carbide, graphite, fiber materials and high-hard wear-resistant materials. wait. Compared with cemented carbide, its processing efficiency is higher, and its cost is lower than that of natural diamond tools. Therefore, it is widely used in automobiles, diesel engines, motorcycles, aerospace, home appliances, instruments, precision machinery and other industries.

Features of PCD cutting tools:

It has long service life, high production efficiency, high processing surface finish, and high processing precision.

CBN is also called polycrystalline cubic boron nitride superhard tool, which is specially used for finishing, mainly cutting various quenched steel, alloy steel, tool steel, mold steel, manganese steel-spring steel, bearing steel, chilled cast iron, high chromium Cast iron, gray cast iron, powder metallurgy, Ni-based and CO-based high-temperature alloys with Rockwell hardness between (HRC45-80°) are various difficult-to-machine high-hardness steel parts.

Features of CBN cutting tools:

Good smoothness, surface processing smoothness can reach between (Ra0.6-Ra0.8); super hard and wear-resistant, high tool hardness and strong wear resistance; high cutting speed, high-speed cutting speed can effectively improve processing efficiency and reduce cost.

The choice between PCD and CBN tools depends on the material and application required. If you need to machine non-ferrous metals or non-metallic materials, PCD tools may be more suitable. But if you need to machine hard and high-temperature materials, especially if high cutting speeds and tool life are required, CBN tools may be a better choice.